“The IDEAworks™”:

Targeted Innovation


Your people have the great ideas that your organization needs: new products, process improvements, and marketing innovations. But, how can you surface these ideas? Polish them into well-thought-out plans? And then, build the enthusiastic teams to implement these innovations?

Your answer could be “The IDEAworks”: a unique targeted innovation development program created by IDEA to help your people identify, develop, and implement an innovation.

The IDEAworks program combines education, coaching, technical and planning support, and motivation. Your team will organize themselves. They will get training and hands-on experience in applying a variety of creativity, problem solving, and planning techniques. And they will grow into the enthusiastic "champions" that are critical to the success of your innovation.

Each step in the IDEAworks program produces specific, concrete products. These will allow you to monitor your team's progress, and to provide any needed guidance. The phased approach also simplifies scheduling of your staff and funds. And it allows you to assess results before commiting more resources.

The IDEAworks program will help your organization develop innovations in a systematic, manageable, cost effective way. And it will send a critical message to ALL your people: that you value innovations and are committed to supporting your innovators.

Free Initial Consultation: to help you evaluate how The IDEAworks program can best be applied to your organization’s challenges and opportunities, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Please call us today: (800) 981-IDEA

Help your organization create
innovations ... and innovators!

The IDEAworks will educate and empower your best employees,
as they implement an innovative process or product that your organization needs.

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